Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Here again

Well as of this morning I am back down to 241 lbs. Am leaving for a mini vacation Thursday and will be gone about a week. As we will be staying with family, and knowing what they normally eat it will be interesting to see if I lose or gain over the week. I plan on really trying to watch what I eat and how much. But as for exercise I don't know what all I will be able to do. I guess I will know more as far as how I did next week.

Till then, luck and love to all who are on their own journys.



*Whitney* said...

Have fun on your vacation! We're going camping this weekend and I know the food that will be there isn't going to be good. It's tough! Good luck!

Linda said...

How long have you been on a diet? Well, don't feel saddened about that weight. I tell you there are people out there who are a hundred pounds more yet after some time, months and years in counting, have lost weight and get that shape they want. Have you tried to seek professional help, like dietitians and nutritionists? I do not mean to say that obesity is an illness, but those people can help you on all sorts of things - diet plans, counselling and even walk you through the weight loss process. :)